Our history

Around 2023, Anadat Technology, which has been operating in the infrastructure and services market since 2002, launches HelOps as its division of DevOps development and Platform Engineering to continue the excellent work it has been doing for its clients in the area of Infrastructure and Operations. With this new division, Anadat Technology becomes a technology service provider with a comprehensive offering of services in Infrastructure, Operations, DevOps, and Development.

From the heart of Málaga (Spain), HelOps offers DevOps development and Platform Engineering services to clients all over the world. Our team of software engineers and DevOps professionals is comprised of individuals with vast and demonstrable experience in software development and in managing infrastructure and operations. Our goal is to help our clients accelerate software delivery and improve the quality of their products.

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Our team

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about infrastructure. We work to improve our services and products every day. We love what we do and we love working with people who think the same way.

  • Antonio Moreno

    Antonio Moreno


    After working for 4 years in London at companies like Chainalysis or AWS, their motivations revolve around making each engineer's work more automated, with fewer errors, more monitoring, and greater security. I love sharing knowledge and helping others grow.

  • Marcos Carbonero

    Marcos Carbonero


    Marcos Carbonero is the founder and CEO of Anadat Technology, with a tenure at the company of over 21 years. Pragmatic and always looking to the future, he has been a pioneer in adopting disruptive technologies that offer tangible benefits to organizations, avoiding fleeting trends or fads. Passionate about technology, he actively participates in various forums, including universities and industry magazines, sharing his experiences and views on the future of technologies in the markets.

  • Elena Blázquez

    Elena Blázquez

    VP of People

    Elena Blazquez currently works at Anadat Technology, but also dedicates part of her time to the growth and development of HelOps Cloud. She continues to be a leader in the field of Human Resources, specializing in talent generation and the development of organizational cultures. She participates in various forums and events, sharing her experience and unique perspective, where the focus is always on people. She is a pioneer in implementing innovative models that improve the quality of life for employees from both a professional and personal perspective.

  • Silvia Vélez

    Silvia Vélez

    Marketing Manager

    Silvia Vélez, an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce, currently serves as the Marketing Manager at HelOps Cloud and Anadat Technology. She plays a key role in managing cutting-edge projects and executing corporate strategies that help Helops achieve its goals of visibility, impact, and brand image. Her innovative approach, strategic ability, and commitment to the success of the companies she works for distinguish her as a high-caliber digital marketing specialist.